I'm Michael Suodenjoki - a software engineer living in Kgs. Lyngby, north of Copenhagen, Denmark. This is my personal site containing my blog, photos, articles and main interests.

News Archive

Updated 2014.01.06 19:05 +0100

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Welcome to the news archive at www.suodenjoki.dk.

The web site has been up and running since 1998 and during that time a few posts has been accumulated.

Years 2010-2013

The year was mostly C++ related topics.

Year 2009

I continue the trend started in 2006 on the English start page to provide links and write about software engineering.

Year 2008

I continued the trend started in 2006 on the English start page to provide links and posts about software engineering.

Year 2007

I continued the trend started in September 2006 and write mostly about software engineering. It was a quite productive year as there are many interesting links and subjects to dive into, e.g. such as product management, software quality, C++ standards and programming and the battle of the desktop i.e. web applications vs. traditional desktop applications.

Year 2006

In September 2006 I began to write about software engineering and stopped translating the blogposts from my Danish start page. It seems that the spring was not very productive with only a very few posts.

Year 2005

This was the second and last year of my weekly photo trend, in where I published a photo every week.  The weekly photo posts dominates the year but there is also a few posts about movies and music.

Year 2004

2004 was the year were the weekly photo took of - and there are plenty to look at and be inspired by. Most of the other posts are also about photography.

Before 2004

Most posts are direct translations from the Danish start page and contain all sorts of subjects. Most of them coming from things that I've discovered or found interesting.